The neighborhood dispute in front of a property in Debrecen degenerated into a brawl

Local News

The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation against a police officer and his associates for a group riot and a minor bodily harm offense.

On March 19, 2022, in front of a property in Debrecen, a police officer visiting his sister got into trouble with a neighbor. The upset policeman kicked the wheelbarrow full of dirt next to the neighbor, then spat at the man, hit him, and began to wrestle with him.

As the two men landed on the ground, their wives and the sister of the policeman came out, and they also started arguing. During the hassle, the policeman’s sister pushed the neighbor’s wife, who attacked back and hit the woman twice in the head. The two women then joined the ongoing brawl between the men, and the policeman’s wife ran to the men on the ground and kicked the neighbor several times.

The brawl that lasted for several minutes ended with the appearance of the other neighbors, who separated the parties with acquaintances on the spot.

Based on the acquired video recordings, it can be stated that the actions of the man, who was unlawfully attacked by the police officer and suffered minor injuries as a result of the abuse, did not exceed what was necessary to prevent the attack, his conduct is a legitimate defense.

There are four suspects in the case.

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