Fake police officer fined people for improper mask use in Debrecen

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The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted the man who pretended to be a police officer and fined a shop assistant for criminal blackmail and other crimes.

Pseudo-police officer fined a man in Debrecen for irregular mask wearing

The defendant went to a downtown printing business on January 12, 2022, and then falsely claimed to be a police officer and left his ID. He asked the seller to make a copy, for which she searched the internet for a picture of an official police ID. The woman made the ID card, wrote down the name given by the accused, and edited the photograph of the man. The woman made three fake IDs for the man.

The man placed one of the forged documents in a police-marked case with a metal badge and used it in a tobacco shop on the morning of January 18, 2022. The defendant went to the seller, presented the ID card, and told her that she has to pay a fine for the misuse of the mask. After the woman handed over her ID card, the defendant pretended to reconcile the woman’s details with the center over the phone. He then informed the victim that if he reported it, she could receive a fine of between 50 and 150,000 forints, but this amount would be much lower if she paid on the spot.

The victim, fearing the coercive situation created by the man for fear of receiving a much higher fine in the event of a report, fearfully complied with the defendant’s call and handed him HUF 5,000 in cash. The defendant caused HUF 5,000 in damages to the seller, which was not reimbursed. The victim sought compensation for her damage during the investigation carried out by the Debrecen Police Station.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office has committed the act of extorting and inciting the indictment of an accused of serving as an official in respect of an accused who is currently serving a final custodial sentence in another case.

In his indictment, the district prosecutor’s office demanded the imposition of a prison sentence and a ban on public affairs as an ancillary punishment, while a fine was imposed on the woman. In the indictment, the district prosecutor’s office demanded that the court confiscate the false police IDs and pay the accused damages to the victim. The indictment also contains a substantial motion in the event that the accused confesses to the deed at the preparatory hearing of the district court and waives their right to a trial in accordance with the indictment.



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