There will be a Morzsaparti in Debrecen with food distribution, if you know someone in need, let them know!

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In May 2022, the Association of One Crumbly Love will once again invite all those who are living in difficult conditions to visit them.

The Morzsapartit will be held on Saturday, May 21, from 11:00 to 12:30 in Debrecen, Bocskai Square (in a new location, in the park next to the old Meteor cinema). No on-site consumption.

Our requests:

We are waiting for donations of hot food, DURABLE FOOD, fruit, potatoes, and vitamins in unlimited quantities;

We are looking for bakeries, grocery stores, butchers, and restaurants in Debrecen to cooperate;

We are waiting for children’s toys, books;

We also welcome volunteer helpers who feel they want to do something for the poor;

We also expect monetary donations.

The account number of the association:

A Crumb Love Association; Erste Bank; Account number: 11600006-00000000-93568971

Information on in-kind donations to Morzsaparti will be requested by noon on Friday, May 21st.

Email address:

If you want to bring your donation to the venue, please do so by 10.30 am on Saturday so that we can prepare everything for the start of the food distribution.

The event is available on Facebook here.


Andrea Leipzig, head of the association

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