Goat twins were born in the Debrecen Zoo

Local News

The Debrecen zoo once again provided good news around the house of its goat team, after the number of twin offspring increased by another pair of twins on Wednesday. Together with their companions, the two little babies will play a lot of games in the spacious game garden in the amusement park, where visitors can see them. In the spring, the housekeepers of the institution rejoice their caregivers and the visiting public with a multiplication every year, but at the same time so many kids were raised for the last time under the trees of the Great Forest.

Since the founding of the Debrecen Zoo, it has been trying to present not only the many special wild animal species of the world but also the domesticated animal species that are no less exotic in an urban environment. Goats (Capra hircus), one of the most popular inhabitants of the petting zoo, were domesticated at about the same time as sheep, making them one of the oldest farm animal species. It is kept primarily for its flesh and milk, but its hair, horns, and skin are also utilized; one of the finest yarns in the world, mohair, for example, is made from angora goat fur.




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