The local Urban and Economic Development Centre is making a survey among internationals living in our city

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As Debrecen is a second home for an increasing international community, the city is laying a great emphasis on the internationalization process of Debrecen and gathering the opinion of the internationals about the city. Now everyone has the opportunity to give direct feedback, since EDC Debrecen Ltd. (the local urban and economic development center) is making an online survey ( ) with a short anonym questionnaire targeting the international communities of Debrecen. This survey is the second round of tracking how foreign people see Debrecen. Additionally, this year it provides an extra incentive to complete it at all: the luckiest respondents can take part in a guided tour at the industrial park where BMW is building its new factory.

The first round was organized in 2020, before the pandemic hit Hungary. The results showed that urgent actions were required by internationals in several fields, which made their life in Debrecen much easier. Based on the feedback of both students and ex-pats, the city initiated several changes so far and is planning to widen the spectrum of actions. The most frequently mentioned topic was the lack of information, so the Municipality started to provide information in English on public transportation or on events organized by the Municipality (or its companies), like festivals or Christmas fair. Last year it launched the, the international website which helps internationals living in Debrecen or planning to move here for a shorter or longer period to find out about the city and the services available here, thus facilitating their decision to relocate or to stay in Debrecen temporarily or even permanently.

The announcement of the Debrecen4U international website


By internationalizing Debrecen, every response counts, so we encourage you to click on the questionnaire (or scan the QR code), fill it out completely, and cross your fingers to be one of the lucky ones to take part in a guided tour at the industrial park. As EDC Debrecen informed us, the respondents will receive a short summary of the results during the summer, so they can have direct feedback about their contribution to the development of Debrecen.


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