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The largest research and development investment in recent years has been completed at the Pallagi út site of Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in Debrecen, which has been producing pharmaceutical products for 70 years. With the investment of nearly 800 million forints, a high-tech laboratory has been completed, thanks to which the number of on-site biological tests can be doubled.

Since arriving in Hungary, Teva has considered research and development (R&D) as a key sector, in which about 220 professionals already work. The strategic role of the Debrecen plant is further strengthened by the total investment of nearly 800 million forints, as a result of which the research process of the original (specialty) formulations containing the newly developed active ingredient has been made even more efficient. This amount is added to the HUF 450 billion Teva has spent on investment and R&D in Hungary so far.

As part of the project, a so-called in vitro biological testing laboratory was set up (the term in vitro, or ‘in the bottle’, refers to an experimental technique in which the process does not take place in a living organism but outside it under controlled conditions). 70 years after the start of pharmaceutical production on Pallagi út with the only major investment, Teva now doubles the number of biological tests performed in Debrecen.

On the one hand, the laboratory performs a specific step in the development of new products for global markets, primarily by testing samples from preclinical and clinical trials. These studies are mainly for the development of preparations for the treatment of pain and asthma. In addition, the laboratory will have the opportunity to carry out its final tests before producing products that are already developed for the treatment of certain neurological diseases: samples from the United States, the European Union, Canada, and Japan will be available for analysis.

This development also shows that although Teva is primarily known as a generic company, it is placing an increasing emphasis on the development of specialty products. It is no coincidence that Radovan Toman, the head of Teva’s Debrecen site, referred to this in his brief assessment:

“Debrecen is a site of strategic importance, operating as a complex manufacturer and R&D center.”

Csaba Pogány, Head of Specialty R&D, said:

“The number of biological tests is doubling, thanks to colleagues in an internationally modern equipment park and with outstanding expertise.”

Radovan Toman, the head of Teva’s Debrecen site

The new department was designed in an existing building, retaining only the original walls: the 460 square meters were used to create 4 offices and 6 testing laboratories in addition to the storage rooms, meeting rooms, dining room, and changing room. The design and construction of the building meet the requirements of today, and the equipment of the laboratory is also outstanding internationally. This is also indicated by the fact that more than one-third of the total cost of the investment was spent on equipment for the analyses.

With 120 years of experience, Teva develops and manufactures its medicines. With a portfolio of 3,500 products, it offers products for almost every therapeutic area, making it a global leader in generics. Teva also carries out significant innovative research and development, helping nearly 200 million patients worldwide recover every day with its high-quality products.

Teva has been present in Hungary for almost 30 years. At its plants in Debrecen and Sajóbábony, it carries out a number of activities, from research and development to the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients to the production, registration, and sale of medicines. Teva is one of the leading companies in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market, employing about 2,000 people and distributing the most boxes of medicines in Hungary in 2020. *

* Source: IQVIA FULL WHS database, period: 2020 full year


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