Engine Compartment and Cab of a Flatbed Car Caught Fire in Debrecen

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The engine compartment and cab of a flatbed truck burned on Ispotály street in Debrecen on Sunday. The professional firefighters in Debrecen put out the flames with a water jet, the county disaster management reported.

The service also reported on another case. On Sunday, the firefighters in Hajdú-Bihar county were alerted due to the liquidation of storm damage. Traffic in Hajdúnánás was obstructed by a large tree that fell on the road, the professional firefighters from Hajdúnánás removed the tree. A tree also fell on the road in Hajdúböszörmény, on Koppány street. The professional firefighters from Hajdúböszörmény marched to the scene and then intervened with a motorized chainsaw.

In Hajdúböszörmény, in Győrössy garden, a tree branch fell on two cars, the city’s professional firefighters eliminated the damage. In Berekfürdő, on Berek square, the firefighters were also alerted due to a technical rescue. The professional firefighters of Püspökladány removed the broken branches with the help of a motorized chainsaw. On Sunday evening, the professional firefighters of Debrecen were called to the outskirts of Sáránd. A tree hung onto the railway track and broke the windshield of a locomotive, which is why the firefighters had to remove the willow tree. A car slid into the ditch in Nyírábrány, József Attila street. The professional firefighters from Nyíradony carried out the power cut. A branch of a twenty-two-meter tree split off in Debrecen, on Ruyter street, the city’s firefighters were called, after that the professional firefighters from Debrecen went to Kartács street, Babits Mihály street, Bihari street, Őz street and the end of Pacikert street. At each location, they had to cut down split tree branches.

A large tree branch fell on a fence in Debrecen, on Virág street. City firefighters removed the branch with a chainsaw.

A tree branch fell on a parked car in Debrecen, on Mikes Kelemen street. Firefighters intervened with chainsaws there as well.



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