The construction of the bicycle path in the eastern part of the city has been completed

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The construction of the fourth section has also been completed, as a result of which it is possible to travel on a bicycle path from Wesselényi Street to Erdőspuszták. At the briefing closing the project on August 11, 2022, deputy mayor Lajos Barcsa said: that including the section between the Lion Office Center and the Diószegi út intersection that has just been handed over, there are already more than 90 kilometers of bicycle paths in the city.

Work began in May 2021 as part of a project supported by the European Union. At that time, the first section was built as a continuation of the existing bike path on Wesselényi Street to the entrance of the Lion Office Center on Vágóhíd Street, about 870 meters away. At the same time, the 2.7 km long section from Sikló utca to Panoráma út was realized. The third element of the investment connected the intersection of Vágóhíd utca and Diószegi út with Sikló utca, this was the longest section, about 3.5 kilometers long. Finally, 1.3 km away, the bicycle path was built on the even side of Vágóhíd Street, connecting the Lion Office Center with the Diószegi Street intersection. At the handing over of the last section, deputy mayor Lajos Barcsa emphasized that the new, 8 km cycle path serves a variety of needs.

“On the one hand, it is important for professional traffic, since about 2,000 people work in the Lion Office Center office park, many of them go by bicycle, it also helps them to get to their workplace. On the other hand, the development also has a touristic purpose, since the beautiful Erdőspuszta can also be approached by bicycle. Finally, traffic has become safer, since, for example, a bicycle path separated from the road was built on Diószegi út, next to Vágóhíd utca,”

– Lajos Barcsa pointed out.

The deputy mayor said: that in 2020, 80 kilometers of bicycle paths were available to the people of Debrecen. Since then, the section on Pallagi út to the entrance of TEVA, the bicycle path along Kishátár and Torockó streets, and finally the 8-kilometer long section built in the eastern part of the city, have been completed.

“In addition, the construction of the bicycle path along Kishegyesi út, which also touches Derék utca, and the section leading to Kismacs, is currently underway, and new road sections are being built in the city center and bicycle zones are also being designated. Together with these, the length of our bicycle path network will increase to more than a hundred kilometers within a few months,”

– added the deputy mayor.

Regarding the section along Vágóhíd utca, between the Lion Office Center and Diószegi út, which was the last to be completed, István Kovács, the municipal representative of the borough, said that it forms a separated pedestrian and bicycle path, which is the most convenient solution for both parties.

“Both the bike path and the footpath are 2 meters wide. In addition, a covered bicycle storage facility with 40 spaces was also built next to the Zsibogó in Debrecen,”

– added István Kovács.

Local government representative László Pósán emphasized that, in addition to the current fuel prices, the bicycle is a very favorable and cheap alternative among means of transportation, which is why it is important to develop and expand the bicycle path network.

The 8-kilometer-long bicycle path built in the eastern part of the city was completed for 760 million forints (approx.
1923714.56 euros), of which the cost of the last, finishing section was 190 million forints (approx. 480928.64).


Debrecen City Hall

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