Újkert Community Garden is Almost Finished

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24 families and individuals will soon be able to garden in the Újkert, applications are being accepted until August 19th.


Debrecen’s first community garden has been green since 2020 in the Sinai Miklós street park, with 130 square meters of cultivable area. Here there are 28 plots in 14 raised beds. In the Vénkert this year, twelve new families joined the sixteen existing members, each of whom has a 4.5 square meter area at their disposal for growing useful plants, herbs, and ornamental plants in the spirit of organic farming. Since this green community initiative has proven successful, it will be continued in the city.

After the Vénkert, the people of Debrecen can now operate in two more gardens: the Tócóskert, in the inner block behind Derék street 38, has already been completed, and the Újkert, in the inner block behind Böszörményi road 91, is already being finished. Ákos Balázs said at Tuesday’s briefing on the developments, there are 14 raised beds in the Tócóskert Community Garden, and 12 in the Újkert, and two families will be able to cultivate each raised bed. Families and individuals must submit applications by 12:00 on August 19th at www.kozossegikert.debrecen.hu – where you can find all the information about gardening – and the winning applicants must pay HUF 4,000 for one season (which, from now on, lasts until the end of 2023).

Ákos Balázs emphasized that this amount is necessary to cover the common expenses of the garden. The winning applicants will receive help on the website of the Future of Debrecen movement, as well as in person from members of the green working group, on what and how to cultivate in the community garden.


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