Next week will be the XI. Zoo Night also in Debrecen

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The Night of the Zoos will be held for the eleventh time in ten different zoos, game parks, and animal exhibition places across the country on Friday, August 26, except for the Pécs Zoo, where the event will be held on Saturday, August 27.

The initiative started as a national program in 2012, although some zoos occasionally held various evening programs earlier. In recent years, the Night of Zoos has become a tradition, the many special programs are visited every year by the zoo and animal lovers who are curious about the hidden secrets of the lives of animals and the world of zoos.

This year there will be programs in ten institutions among the members of the Hungarian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians: the Budakesz Wildlife Park, the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Kecskemét Wildlife Park, the Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park, the Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park, the Pécs Zoo, the Zoo Szeged, in the Bear Farm at Veresegyházi, the Veszprém Zoo and the Xantus János Zoo (Győr).

The exact opening hours and the detailed program offer are published by the individual zoos on their own websites and social media platforms.



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