The 2022 Szaft ‘N Burger awaits the people of Debrecen with tasty food at Békás Lake

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On a late summer or early fall day, groups of friends and families who like hamburgers, quality meat, and outdoor grilling can take part in a real social experience and outdoor grilling at Szaft ‘N Burger on September 3.

Once a year, on this one day, lovers of artisan hamburgers meet in Debrecen, on the shores of Lake Békás. The street food kiosks – Zuzmó Eger, Garage Burger, Grillakadémia, Next Bistro, Magtár Étterem – are accompanied by several domestic craft breweries, while the most mouth-watering bites are presented in competitions.

Jani Jancsa, gastro blogger, culinary manager of Budapest’s Bamba Marha Burger Bar, and author of the Great Burger Book, is responsible for the professional guidance of the event, and is also the president of the jury. Jani Jancsa is the host of the burger fanatic group with the largest follower base in the country, who can be asked about his experiences and tricks personally at Szaft ‘N Burger on September 3. András Sebestyén, the professional manager of the Austrian restaurants Darose and Olive, the gold medalist of the Culinary World Cup, and the head of the jury of the steak competition, will come to the competition from Vienna.

In the professional category, the competition is for a total prize of three hundred and fifty thousand forints, and the winning burger will also receive the title Burger of the Country until next year’s competition – it is no coincidence that there is the greatest interest here. In addition, those who like challenges can also test themselves in amateur categories: the organizers provide Hortobágy Angus premium scones for baking in the individual, team, and junior categories. In the freestyle category, you can experiment with other meat, fish, or even vegan ingredients.

Hortobágy Angus was founded by two family farms, whose life is farming and farming. The most important thing for us is to care for the animals in Hortobágy National Park in a healthy, stress-free environment, to feed them exclusively with GMO-free feed, and to operate a sustainable farm with a minimal ecological footprint.

– Álmos Kun, representative of Hortobágy Angus, revealed.

This year, the program will be expanded with a steak competition, with sirloin as a “guest” at the event, which is a precursor to an international competition planned for next year.


10:00 Gate opening and start of the competition

11:00 – 11:15 Last year’s winner presents the traveling cup

13:00 – 13:45 Cooking show: Bence Nagy (Grillakadémia) sirloin recipe – cooking, tasting

14:00 – 14:20 Cooking show: ChiliYard presentation and HA grilled sausage tasting with the new sauce

14:20 – 14:30 Not all Angus are the same: Hortobágy Angus and Certified Hungarian Angus – discussion

16:30 – 17:00 Cooking show: Jani Jancsa: Hortobágy Angus Colossus – burger grilling

18:15-19:00 Announcement of results

21:00 Closing of the gates

More details can be found on the website or in the Facebook event.


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