The timetable of four bus routes in Debrecen will be changed

Local News

Based on operational experience, DKV Zrt. will modify the timetable on lines 43, 46E, 46H, and 146 from the start of operations on Monday, September 12, 2022.

Changed bus departure times on weekdays:

Bus 43:
– An extra bus departs from Kishátár Street at 06:25 in the direction of Nagyállósmas.

Buses marked 46E and 46H:
– Instead of bus 46E departing from Nagyállomás at 17:00 and Inter Tan-Ker Zrt. at 17:20, bus 46H departs from Nagyálláms at 16:20 and from Határ út at 16:45.

Bus 146:
– The bus leaves Nagyállomás at 15:48 instead of 15:09.
– The bus departs from Nagyállomás at 16:48 instead of 16:28.



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