The new factory of Chinese-owned Halms Hungary is being built in the southern industrial zone of Debrecen

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The Chinese-owned Halms Hungary Kft. will establish a factory manufacturing parts for electric cars in Debrecen with an investment of 43 million euros in the first phase. The Hungarian government will provide approximately HUF 1.5 billion in support for the investment, which will create 300 new jobs, it was announced at the press conference announcing the investment on Monday.

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP), the mayor of Debrecen, said that the city’s economy is getting stronger day by day, which means that “jobs, livelihood, that is, the future is guaranteed in Debrecen”. He recalled that the southern industrial zone of more than 700 hectares was established eight years ago, and will soon be completed. One of Europe’s new economic centers will be established in Debrecen, which will focus on investments related to electromobility and energy storage, he added.

Matthew Shen, the managing director of Halms Hungary Kft., said: that the owner company Huashou provides innovative, integrated solutions to the world’s car factories and electric vehicle factories, mainly producing aluminum parts, injection-molded engines, and gearboxes produced with modern technology.

He added that they have confidence in the future of electric vehicle production and decided to invest in Debrecen, where digitized, automated production lines will be operated in order to maintain closer contact with European customers. The new plant will start operating with Industry 4.0 technology at the end of 2022 on more than 30,000 square meters in the southern industrial park, he said.

The company with Chinese interests rents the factory from the Xanga group of companies, whose business policy has been the same for twenty years: it develops a turnkey production and service infrastructure – explained CEO István Herdon.



Photo: Facebook-page of Dr. László Pósán.

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