A cafe in Debrecen started selling Magda Szabó cookies

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Cakes inspired by the recipes of Magda Szabó, a writer born in Debrecen, will be offered from Wednesday in the Karakter 1517 bookstore and cafe operated by the Reformed parish in Reformed Great Church of Debrecen, church and city leaders announced.

István Oláh, the pastor of the church in the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen, said that the Reformed are supporters of change and innovation, and this is how the sweets, selected from Magda Szabó’s recipe books, were born.

He reminded her that Magda Szabó was particularly connected to the Great Reformed Church in Debrecen: her parents were married there, she herself was baptized in the Great Church, she was also the presbyter of the congregation and the chief guardian of the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District.

The writer’s memory will be preserved in the Karakter bookstore and cafe not only with her books, but also with Magda Szabó cookies, he added.

Diána Széles, deputy mayor of Debrecen, indicated: cakes also show the love of home. She called it important to pass on the stories, traditions, and traditions that Magda Szabó left us.

The deputy mayor also spoke about the fact that churches are important pillars of tourism in Debrecen. She mentioned that about 40,000 people visit the Great Reformed Church every year, many of whom visit the cafe in the memorial garden behind the church, where “now we can continue to tell the story of Magda Szabó with this cake”.

Culture manager Gyöngyi Porkoláb emphasized that Magda Szabó always wanted to teach us, and she is still teaching 15 years after her death. Now that you can forge a resource out of shortcomings, he said, referring to the fact that the writer himself did not like to cook or bake, yet he left us, for example, excellent cookie recipes.

Confectioner Ibolya Tóth, who dreamed up and made the sweets that keep the writer’s memory alive, called it important that everything is about Debrecen. According to his words, this is why the gingerbread spice, which is closely related to Debrecen confectionery, was combined with the Christian symbol walnut, coffee with chocolate, and blackcurrant, which reflects freshness and femininity, was placed in the middle of the dessert.

Magda Szabó cookies with chocolate, nut, coffee, gingerbread and jam flavors can only be tasted in Debrecen, at the Karakter coffee house – it was announced at the press conference.



Photo: Karakter 1517 Könyvesbolt és Kávézó

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