Yesterday’s storm caused damage in Debrecen

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Due to the stormy weather on Tuesday evening, the firefighters were alerted for technical interventions after midnight, reported the press officer of the county disaster management.

In Debrecen, on Vásáry István Street, part of the insulating material used for the renovation of an elementary school was blown off the roof by the wind. Then the professional firefighters from Debrecen marched to Szoboszlói út, where a tree
fell onto the road.

A fifteen-meter tree also formed a roadblock on Panoráma út. A tree also caused a traffic obstacle in Heltai Gábor utca, Görgey utca and Édenkert utca. A tree also fell on the side of a residential building in Juhász Gyula Street in Debrecen. In all cases, the firefighters worked with motorized chainsaws.

In Pilinszky János Street, dead branches split off, endangering the traffic of vehicles.

On Vár Street, the plaster of a building loosened and fell onto a parked car. Firefighters removed the loose parts with hand tools.

Fallen trees were not only a problem in the county seat. The professional firefighters of Hajdúböszörmény were also alerted due to a tree falling on the road near Hajdúhadház.

Near Pocsaj, a twenty-meter tree was uprooted and obstructed traffic.

Létavértes municipal firefighters also removed the tree from the road with a chainsaw. In Hajdúböszörmény, on Bél Mátyás Street, the city’s firefighters had to remove a tree that had fallen on the firewall and fence of a building.

In Hencida, in Arany János Street, the professional firefighters from Berettyóújfalu removed a tree branch that had fallen on a telephone line, because the branch also endangered a residential building.

In Hajdúsámson, on Harmat Street, the sheet roof of a hall building was torn off by the wind. Firefighters lifted the loose elements using a mechanical ladder.

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