The Debrecen paramedics went to a fire and rescued a family and a puppy

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The paramedics took care of the family and didn’t leave the terrified dog alone – read on the website.

The National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) reported on its social media page about a rescue, during which a family’s house caught fire, and their dog needed help in addition to the family. The family members were taken to the hospital, the dog was not injured, but was given oxygen because it showed signs of stupor, and until the grandparents arrived at the scene to take over its care, it was taken care of in the ambulance:

“Several rescue units were alerted last night by the Debrecen Emergency Management to the fire incident where a family of three and a poodle needed quick help. Our colleagues arrived on the scene within minutes and after taking care of the mother, father and child, they did not leave Pogácsa alone either. While the ambulances stably transported the family to the hospital in a state of emergency, the ambulance was waiting on the spot for the grandparent, who would take the dog from them. The lifeguards also attended to the dazed four-legged friend, who regained strength as a result of the oxygen therapy and watched the events with extreme concern. Finally, the constant caress of our paramedic colleague calmed down the frightened dog, which was recorded.”


Photo: illustration.

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