This could be the National Manufacturing-Research-Education Center planned for Vezér Street in Debrecen

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The tender for the second phase of the construction of the National Manufacturing-Research-Education Center was successfully closed. This complex will also house the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Debrecen, announced municipal representative Erzsébet Katona.

The new building of the National Manufacturing-Research-Education Center and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is designed by Pyxis Nautica Architects.

According to the politician’s post, this will be the 6th element in the university’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Park on Vezér Street, in addition to the Innovation Center, which is already under construction, as well as the Pilot Vaccine Plant, the National COVID-Vaccine, the National Vaccine Factory, and the Automotive Industry Laboratory.

On the 3,000-square-meter ground floor of the complex, there will be a GMP-certified medium plant suitable for the production of tablets and capsules and an IFS Food department producing nutritional supplements.

An educational area of 5,000 square meters is being built. The first and second floors will have a total of 5,000 square meters of educational space (departments, lecture and seminar rooms, including drug development laboratories) and will house the Health Industry Institute.

Visual design of the National Manufacturing-Research-Education Center based on the vision of Pyxis Nautica Architects.

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