150 servings of stuffed cabbage are offered to the needy in Debrecen

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TheKéretlen Figyelem Debreceni Nők Közéleti Egyesülete welcomes the needy people of Debrecen to its usual free food distribution, on the last Sunday of the month.

We invite our neighbors living in difficult conditions to visit us on January 29, 2023 (Sunday) between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. in Debrecen, on Petőfi tér, in the area in front of the underpass, the organizers write.

They indicated that we can provide hot food for a total of 150 people. The menu will be stuffed cabbage with fresh bread, according to the previous request.

Based on the epidemiological regulations, we provide pre-boxed food. We provide hand disinfection on-site! We ask our guests to wear a mask

– reads the statement.

Here in our region, many thousands are waiting for a helping hand, a human word, they want to live a life worthy of a human being. We invite everyone who wants to help, with both hands or with financial support. We are also waiting for donations from the residents of Debrecen, primarily SUSTAINABLE food – unlimited quantities – fruit, potatoes, oil, and cleaning products. If you want to help or give support, you can contact us at the following phone number: +36 30 9841 963 By bank transfer: Account number of Debrecen Women’s Public Association: Polgári Bank ZRT 612 00261-11059802. In the announcement, please write: food distribution, 2023 – writes the association.


Ibolya Tukorané Kádár – the head of the association

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