The girl who was stabbed in Debrecen fought for her life

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A 16-year-old girl stabbed her classmate in Debrecen, presumably out of jealousy – we reported on it yesterday.

16-Year-Old Girl Stabbed Fellow Student in Debrecen

According to the police, the victim suffered life-threatening injuries. T. Vera’s “crime” was that she got together with the boy whom her attacker, M. Beáta, had previously dated.

One of the girls’ classmates told Blikk that the angry parties had agreed in advance to fight with each other after school, but unfortunately, things went badly. They even had an audience from other schools, several boys stood around them, but no one stopped the stabbing. According to the witness, Beáta struck Vera with the knife four times.

As far as the newspaper knows, the victim, who was learning to be a waitress, and the attacker, who was preparing to become a shopkeeper, are both from Debrecen, they come from two different settlements in the area. According to our reports, Vera was stabbed in the shoulder and lung and had to be operated on in the hospital due to her life-threatening injuries.

Sinai Miklós utca park is, according to an elderly woman living nearby, a neighborhood with a rather bad reputation, according to her there is a lot of trouble here, and she often feels like she lives in a ghetto. There are many homeless people and drug addicts, the woman said.

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