People were standing in a long line at the food distribution of Debrecen

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The Women’s Public Life Association of Women in Debrecen has been helping people living in Cívis for more than 10 years. On the last Sunday of the month, the association once again invited all those who were living in difficult conditions – read in a statement sent to our portal.

By the end of the division of food, we could easily make more than 150 adults and children’s weekends. Many people also carried food to their family members. Unfortunately, our abilities are finite, and most of the donors so far have been in a difficult situation.

It is probably due to high inflation and the dramatic rise in food prices that the guest circle has now completely changed. There were never so many pensioners in the queue for food, their numbers are growing. Lots of new faces besides the old ones, and many families showed up. Our hearts were bitter about how many people live in miserable circumstances, without support, without help. And how many are hungry but are ashamed to queue?

The pensioners said their lives are a daily struggle for survival. Before anyone might misunderstand, this is not a life, but not to starve. Unfortunately, after decades of work, many people came here for their old age.

“It is a shame that I have to live on grace bread at the age of 80! “ – said an elderly lady.

Many people said they felt that the municipality doesn’t care their destiny, they are “invisible” to the city administration.

Most of our guests, according to them, try not to starve from a monthly pension of less than 100 thousand HUF. The inflation of the retired basket goods is around 50 percent, why not see this from the Carmelite monastery? Perhaps if retirees were football players, they would be more careful. Hungary cannot really be proud to become the country of folk kitchens.

We distributed more than 150 servings of stuffed cabbage, with fresh bread and pastry we could not give a repeat, and we distributed everything to the last crumbs. We are on the verge of our performance, unfortunately, we have very limited abilities. The number of our supporters has fallen, as the crisis makes their lives difficult.

We sincerely thank the Pro Filii Foundation for your support, the bakeries, and the Hajdúszovát bakery.

The association will welcome its guests on February 26, 2023, with a warm lunch, love, and pure heart.

Here, too, thousands of people in our region await the helping hands, the human word, and want to live a worthy life. We call everyone who wants to help with both hands or financial support.

We also welcome donations from residents of Debrecen, primarily durable food fruits, and potatoes. We also welcome children’s toys and books.

If you want to help or support, you can indicate it by calling the phone number below. Mobile (every day of the week): +36 30 9841 963

Transfer: Inexperienced Debrecen Women’s Public Association Account Number: Polgári Bank Zrt.


Ibolya Tukádár, head of the association

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