Several Developments Took Place in Kenézy Hospital

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In order to continuously improve the quality and safety of patient care, several developments have taken place recently in the Kenézy Gyula Campus of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center.

According to the press center of the University of Debrecen, the newly established trauma triage will receive accident victims in a new, modern place from February, the orthopedic and trauma septic department has been established, and the One-Day Surgery Center will continue its operation in a new location. The management of the Clinical Center was informed about the developments on site on Monday. Similar to emergency patient care, there has recently been a growing demand for the creation of a trauma triage. The essence of the triage system is that the patient receives a condition assessment immediately after his arrival and is classified into a so-called triage category according to his current status. This category determines how quickly the given patient needs medical care and how soon the necessary intervention must take place. The new triage clinic has been operating since mid-February, increasing the quality and safety of patient care – stressed Zoltán Szabó, president of the Clinical Center.

The operation of the new trauma triage system was explained by Dóra Ujvárosy, deputy director of the Emergency Clinic of the DE Clinical Center. As a result of the transformation, those presenting with recent injuries and other patients are already separated from each other upon admission. In the new triage room next to the door, the injured are registered, the specialists perform a quick health assessment, classify the patient into the triage category, and then the doctors examine the patient accordingly. In the meantime, the injured are under constant supervision in the new room. Patient care can be speeded up by the fact that all trauma triage nurses have received special course training, which makes them entitled to take over patients from the ambulance service, without the need for a doctor – explained Dóra Ujvárosy.

At the Kenézy Gyula Campus, there was also significant development in trauma inpatient care. A separate septic ward has been created for orthopedic and trauma patients, where it is possible to treat patients with infected wounds at a high standard. The new ward will start operating on the first of March with twenty-two beds.

“In the septic ward, we can also isolate patients in several smaller, two-bed rooms. We also have an operating theater assigned to the department, and we have also created a post-operative guard, where we provide close observation, continuous monitoring, additional special care and 24-hour supervision for our patients”said Ferenc Urbán, head physician of the Department of Traumatology and Hand Surgery.

In the next few days, the One-Day Surgery Center will resume its operations in a new location, where patients spend no more than 24 hours after minor, routine interventions. Patients admitted here usually come in the morning and can go home a few hours after the operation, but it also happens that they have to spend a night inside. Some orthopedic, surgical, traumatological and urological one-day surgical procedures performed routinely are included, for example, inguinal hernia surgery, gallstone removal, kidney stone crushing. From the first of March, instead of the previous three, one-day surgical procedures will be performed in four designated operating rooms, said Zsolt Lampé, head of the One-Day Surgery Center.

On Monday, the management of the Clinical Center reviewed the improvements implemented at the Kenézy Gyula Campus. Professor Zoltán Szabó, the president of the Clinical Center, emphasized: the well-thought-out transformations enable continuous development and high-quality treatment at the forefront of Europe, keeping in mind the uninterrupted development of patient care activities. The modernizations that took place at the Gyula Kenézy Campus are important parts of the integration of the Clinical Center that began on January 1st, 2021. As a result of a process aimed at continuously improving the safety and quality of patient care, the Clinical Center has become one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.


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