Spring cleaning works have started in Debrecen

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This year’s spring cleaning has started in the public areas of Debrecen. Local government representative Viktor Papp, head of the Fidesz-KDNP faction of the Debrecen general assembly, and local government representative Attila Csaholczi reported on the works at a press conference on March 14, 2023, in the Tócóvölgy district.

As Viktor Papp said, in accordance with the new city management concept launched in 2019 and the traditions of the past years, the spring cleaning program was started this year in Debrecen’s public areas, along public transport routes, in housing estates, playgrounds, fitness parks, in the city center and in the Both in Nagyerdő with the aim of making the city’s public areas cleaner, more orderly and more homely. Over the past few years, a total of 260,000 square meters of quality green space in the city has been renewed as part of the Green City Program, and of course, these were also included in the spring cleaning operations. Viktor Papp also emphasized the importance of cleaning the playgrounds, since it is necessary to wash and disinfect the playground equipment in these areas for the health and safety of families with small children, and in addition to this, the sandboxes must be updated, raked and replaced with sand.

As the faction leader said, in accordance with the new city management concept launched by the Debrecen municipality in 2019, every year more and more resources are provided for the maintenance and management of the city’s green areas, public areas, and parks. A good example of this process is that a significant sum of HUF 1.7 billion is available for this purpose again this year. The costs of spring cleaning are of course only a part of this amount. The major cleanup started in mid-March and – depending on the weather conditions – is expected to be completed in April. Of course, both the municipality and the contractual partners performing the work are trying to finish the spring cleaning as soon as possible.

Viktor Papp – without claiming to be complete – also listed some specific tasks to be carried out. So, for example, the two-year flower beds are put in order, and the one-year flower beds are prepared for planting, pruning, pruning, cleaning of bus stops, sidewalk and road cleaning with large and small machines – i.e. a complex activity that makes the public areas of Debrecen cleaner and more orderly.

Viktor Papp pointed out: the municipality asks the citizens of Debrecen to feel that they own their surroundings even after the cleaning and to help maintain cleanliness in public areas, just like in their homes, not to litter or illegally dispose of waste. The result of the spring cleaning will be sustainable in the long term if the people of Debrecen think that it is in our common interest to protect the beauty and order of the city. “After all, we are Debrecen together, and together we must ensure that our beloved home, our beloved city, Debrecen, is clean and sustainable,” said Viktor Papp.

Attila Csaholczi, the municipal representative of the Tócóvölgy district, emphasized that ten playgrounds were built or renewed in this area within the framework of the Green City Program. During spring cleaning, playground equipment and benches are disinfected, sandboxes are filled, and the sand in them is loosened. The tidying up of the green areas next to the roads also includes the removal of overhanging branches and the pruning of trees. Cleaning the city is similar to cleaning the home, and in the same way that the family home is kept clean, the community living here must also keep the city clean.

The main works to be carried out:
– park maintenance works;
– aeration raking;
– pruning;
– digging;
– digging up, cleaning, rotary hoeing and disinfection of playground sandpits;
– cleaning, washing and disinfecting playground equipment; mowing;
– shaping and thinning trees;
– removal of stem and stem shoots;
– cleaning of evergreens;
– cutting back, cleaning perennial and rose areas, opening, hoeing and weeding rose bushes;
– weeding and hoeing of two-year flower beds with lawn edge cutting;
– picking off parts that have bloomed;
– preparation of annual flower beds for planting;
– cleaning of rainwater drains (Nagyerdő, Downtown);
– removal of dirt that leaves a stain on the solid pavement (Nagyerdő, Downtown);
– cleaning, washing, disinfecting, repairing and painting benches (mainly Nagyerdő, Downtown);
– cleaning of green and paved surfaces with leaf collection;
– garbage collection;
– large machine road cleaning;
– roadside cleaning, machine washing of roads, machine and manual cleaning of sidewalks;
– cleaning of paying waiting areas;
– bench cleaning of non-paying waiting areas and service roads;
– emptying of waste containers (park, stop, sidewalk);
– cleaning public transport stops;
– cleaning the roadsides of garden city streets;
– cleaning cycle paths;
– cutting tree branches that hang over sidewalks and obstruct pedestrian traffic;
– cleaning and disinfection of street furniture, public benches and waste collectors.


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