DKV services would be made more accessible to sparsely populated residential areas far from the city center

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Within the framework of the urban mobility program of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the competition called RAPTOR (Rapid Applications for Transport) is being organized for the third time, which is the stage for the rapid development and testing of solutions to urban mobility challenges.

The main aim of the initiative is to promote cooperation between cities, industry, academia, research and innovation. By eliminating fragmentation, solutions to the most urgent urban mobility problems can be accelerated.

In 2023, twelve European cities were included in the program:

Akureyri (Iceland), Ankara (Turkey), Ajka (Hungary), AMB Barcelona (Spain), Copenhagen region (Denmark), Debrecen (Hungary), Máriatölgyes (Slovakia), The Hague (Netherlands), Helsingborg (Sweden), Mechelen (Belgium ), Munich (Germany), Stuttgart (Germany).

Among the applicants, each city formulated a unique challenge, for which startups and SMEs can propose effective solution plans to eliminate the given problem. The winners will receive €35,000 worth of funding and personalized advice from the EIT to develop and then test their solutions in the respective cities during a five-month project period.

Hungary is represented by two cities, Ajka and Debrecen.

The Smart City group in Debrecen would use innovative solutions to make DKV services more accessible to sparsely populated residential areas far from the city center. In our city, the primary goal was to facilitate the transition to more sustainable public transport.

The EIT accepted the submitted challenge, and the winner will be chosen jointly by the EIT and the DKV from among the startups that applied.

The project website.

The page of the Debrecen challenge.

After the development, the winning company has a test period of a few weeks to try and then present its solution in the city.



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