Persian New Year is celebrated tonight

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According to Hungarian time, Nowruz begins tonight at 10:24 p.m. That is the Iranian or Persian New Year, which is celebrated by different ethnicities around the world. The students also remembered the event at the University of Debrecen.

One of the providers also talked about the Persian new year at the event which was held in Debrecen on the occasion of the Nowruz.

Behind the whole event honestly from all things that are happening right now in Iran and people are getting dark and negative vibe we want it to bring back our real culture and show to people, that we have history and things that we are proud of it. Which is nothing related to our government so it was the best thing to celebrate spring (Nowruz). This celebration is happening everywhere but for Iranians is going to be tonight at 10:24 p.m. so, that’s the official time we are going to celebrate Nowruz (Persian new year which means new year).

We provide 7 items ( Haft sin: means 7 “s) that are going to represent the Persian prophet Zarathustra (not the Islamic one). He had 7 regulations and by that 7 we are going to represent that 7 rules (before Islam appears in Iran there was 7 shin (7″sh”) and one of the element was Sharab and which means wine but after Islam, it convert to Serke it means vinegar)

– said one of the provider.

Each element is symbolizing some specific concept which is in the photos:

Happy Nowruz!

– Nakisa Np –

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