Hospital director-general: the experience of clinical integration in Debrecen can be used nationally

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According to the national hospital director-general, the experiences of clinical integration in Debrecen can be utilized elsewhere, not only in county hospitals but also in other rural clinical centers.

A children’s emergency center will be established in Debrecen

Zoltán Jenei, after being informed about the details of the integration on the spot on Thursday, at the press conference held on the Gyula Kenézy campus of the clinical center, considered the local solutions developed in the field of emergency patient care and one-day surgery to be exemplary, which effectively contribute to the high level of care for patients in the area.

The general director of the national hospital praised that in the field of healthcare developments, Debrecen “is not waiting for the solution from Budapest”, but is also doing a lot on its own to provide high-quality patient care.

Zoltán Szabó, president of the clinical center of the University of Debrecen, recalled that the clinical integration was launched in January 2021 and – as clinical units – the center’s Nagyerde and Kenézy Gyula campuses were established.

As a result of the integration, one of the country’s largest health care systems was created with 6,500 employees and 2,800 patient beds in order to ensure that the health care of the people living in Debrecen and its region is of an even higher standard than before, “getting to the forefront of Europe,” said the president.

György Kossa, chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation that maintains the university, said that all their efforts are aimed at improving the quality of patient care.

He mentioned that, for this purpose, an extended scholarship and mentoring system is being introduced in professional nursing education, and the addition of state scholarships has already begun within the Ph.D. program; eight billion forints will be spent on this in five years.




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