Starting from the summer of 2023, the Déri Museum will present the world of the Cívis

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The renewed urban history exhibition of the Déri Museum, which will be on display from the summer of 2023, presents the history of the city of Cívis in six rooms, divided into a total of seven chapters.

In the meantime, you can get to know the thoughts, feelings and memories of the citizens of Debrecen about the city of Debrecen in a longer compilation that appears every Friday on the YouTube channel of the Déri Museum.

Who is cívis? What is cívisváros like? What do the people who live, work and create in Debrecen, for Debrecen, think about civility and Debrecenism? The series previewing the renewed local history exhibition of the Déri Museum entitled The World of Cívisek will appear twice a week until the opening of the exhibition.

Photo: Debrecen Municipality

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