A scientific environmental protection monitoring system is being established in Debrecen

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In order to protect the environment, the local government and the University of Debrecen will create a scientific, continuous and long-term environmental protection monitoring system; the agreement to this effect was signed by the mayor of the city and the rector of the university during a press conference on Monday.

The monitoring system will be established with a center in Debrecen and will examine the environmental effects with a regional perspective, especially on the condition of air quality, water quality, soil and farmland, and the maintenance and development of biodiversity – it was announced, noting that the monitoring system is an automated system operating 24 hours a day. it will be a data collection, analysis and control system, designed, operated and supervised by professionals.

Debrecen, built on the knowledge base of the university, with the scientific work of internationally recognized professors and innovative solutions, will become an even greener, more livable city in the future – they indicated.

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP), the mayor of Debrecen, pointed out that the city and its economy are developing strongly while protecting the environment is also an important endeavor.

“They are creating a monitoring system based on scientific foundations, which provides reliable, stable and authoritative information,” he said. He added that, in addition to scientific and analytical work, the resulting cooperation will also have the task of continuously informing the people of Debrecen and the people living in the region.

The monitoring system monitors surface and underground waters, soil and farmland, and the air with various instruments, which are continuously monitored by physical sampling, and the data will be verified by an accredited laboratory. László Papp noted that the monitoring system is being developed and operated in close cooperation with disaster management, the environmental protection authority of the Hajdú-Bihar government office and the Future of Debrecen movement.

Zoltán Szilvássy, the rector of UD, said in relation to climate change that the destruction of biodiversity poses a direct threat to our lives, so everything must be done to preserve and maintain it. The cooperation between science and practice has a pioneering role in this, he added.

The rector mentioned that their university has an advanced agrometeorological monitoring system, the experiences of which they can use.

Zoltán Szilvássy emphasized that the “systematic, offensive-like, long-term biodiversity research and monitoring system” created in cooperation with the city has not yet existed in the region, noting that in the future this will be a “monitored, cared for and supported” area.

“Debrecen has already proven many times that it wants to shape its future with innovative solutions. Building on the knowledge base of the University of Debrecen, with the scientific work of internationally recognized professors, we will create an even greener, more livable Debrecen. In this goal, the citizens of Debrecen can count on the leadership of the city and the university, the city management counts on the citizens of Debrecen as a partner,” said the briefing.



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