Borsos Villa in Debrecen Has Reopened

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The community center of the Vénkert district, Borsos-villa, reopened on April 20th, with a children’s program related to Earth Day. Before the event, deputy mayor Lajos Barcsa and representatives of the DEMKI Debrecen Cultural Center and Youth House held a press conference.

The Borsos villa, renovated in 2020, is the most important scene of community life in Vénkert. In 2022, the building and the József Borsos square already hosted almost 50 events. It is expected that this year too, events of a similar magnitude will be organized by DEMKI. Vice-mayor Lajos Barcsa, representative of the local government of Vénkert, highlighted their diversity:



“In addition to various exhibitions, performances, and musical programs, the Vénkert also has an education center, school, and kindergarten nearby, so we try to participate in the children’s education as well. In addition, there is a community garden nearby, and those who cultivate it also use the facility’s infrastructure” said Lajos Barcsa.


Unit manager Melinda Asnád-Némethi pointed out the children’s day, the traditional Vénkert Soccer Fiesta, and the newly launched Borsos Acoustics concert series among this year’s events. Regarding the opening event, she said: they were prepared for the lower-grade students of the Vénkert Primary School with activities close to nature, playful, attitude-shaping tasks, stories and a concert. Halász D. János, the executive director of the Debrecen Cultural Center and Youth House, added: due to the energy situation, the operation of several public cultural institutions was suspended in recent months, but since the reopening on April 11th, several neighborhoods have experienced that not only have they managed to keep the communities that were previously active there, but there was even a need to serve new groups.

– Debrecen County Municipality –

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