A Christian light music meeting is organized in Debrecen, at the Nagyerdei Stadium

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“On June 10, we are preparing for a very special occasion in Debrecen, not only for the city, but also for the region, the light music meeting called This is the Day, which started 23 years ago, will be a special event,” said the main organizer of the event, Viktor László, on May 16 i press conference in Nagyerdei Stadium.

Calling the youth and strengthening them in faith – this is what the event serves with a lot of music and messages. Until now, the series of events have been held mainly in Budapest, in the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, in front of Parlament és Hősök tere and in Puskás Stadium, but this year, after Veszprém, Debrecen, the Nagyerdei Stadium can host the event.

“We felt that this country is spacious, it is also in the Bible that the Lord leads to a spacious space, and we felt that we wanted to come up with a large event in the West and in the East. Not only have we come to a special city, where we are coming to a very seriously prayed-for soil, and we perceive a close cooperation on the part of the churches, but we also wanted to address the Romanian brothers and sisters”

– explained Viktor László.

As he said, they also went to Nagyvárad and sought out the pastors and congregations, so they too can be a part of this miracle, as can several Romanian bands.

“This stadium was built not only to score big goals, but also to sometimes be the house of God”

– emphasized the main organizer.

Károly Fekete, the bishop of the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District, said, “this is the day when we have to say that in Debrecen there are not only historical churches, but the Christian community is a much bigger and broader palette. This event in the stadium will also be suitable for showing this, which does not weaken us, but through which we can strengthen each other.”

He emphasized that Christianity is multifaceted and enables a variety of ways of living, it does not only have a gloomy, repentant and serious face, but the Gospel basically gives a serene faith.

“I, too, wish to be a member of such a serene, 21st-century Christian community that does not come with a face of world pain, but with the natural cheerfulness that means the believer’s safety in this created world. My hope is that this faith can show the love that makes the world at war cheerful with its faith, so that our hope grows”

– said the bishop.

He added that this multi-voiced Christianity will be voiced by the concert and the speeches that will take place on the occasion.

István Puskás, the city’s deputy mayor responsible for culture, said that Debrecen’s musical offer will be expanded with an important element this year, which will not only serve to entertain residents and visitors to the city, but will continue to build the most important element of Debrecen’s identity, “and this is the common value, the common faith to which Debrecen has been committed for centuries,” said the deputy mayor.

“I am grateful that renowned speakers are coming to Debrecen, with whom we can pray and glorify God for all the mission that has been given to us”

– said Ferenc Palánki, county bishop of the Diocese of Debrecen-Nyíregyházi

He emphasized that the relationship between the Reformed and Roman Catholic churches is no longer about who is right, but about how they can help each other to get even closer to Christ.

“This event – to quote a classic – will be visible not only from the moon, but also from heaven, from the sky. After all, it started from there, it started from there into the heart of each person”

– said Ferenc Palánki.

Baptist pastor Sándor Tóth spoke about how in 2014, together with the Debrecen Shepherds’ Circle, they prayed for this event on June 10 in the restaurant of the stadium, which is currently being completed, so that this stadium would become a church, a place of worship, a place for preaching the gospel, not only the football.

“We have been carrying this vision ever since, and I am very grateful that this event can come to Debrecen with such a vision”

– said the pastor.

As announced, the program will include the Australian Hillsong United, Caramel, Béla Pintér and Tamás Pajor. They expect nearly 17,000 people, and they have already managed to sell 10,000 tickets.

The event is free for Transcarpathian Hungarians and Ukrainian citizens, and the organizers also collect donations at the concert to alleviate wartime conditions.

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