Trees were cut down in the yard of a kindergarten in Debrecen

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On May 8, the news began to spread on social media that several large trees had been cut down in the yard of the kindergarten on Ősz Street in Debrecen. The incident could also upset the mood because it is breeding season, so the operation can make it difficult for the birds to build their nests.

You can read the announcement of the Debrecen municipality sent to our portal:

A report was received from the Ősz utca nursery school that mistletoe had grown over the large tree on the side of the parents’ entrance, and the fruit of the poisonous plant was falling into the front garden and onto the sidewalk. The institution asked for the tree to be cut down for the safety of the children and those passing by. Since several trees on the premises of the institution are the same age as the institution, they requested that all trees be inspected, pruned, and dry parts removed. In the yard of the kindergarten, there were two dry, accident-prone trees, about which the institution gave a warning in mid-April. These trees were cut down. Taking into account the characteristics of the kindergarten’s yard, we take care of replacing the cut trees with horticultural saplings

– informed our news paper by the management of the city of Debrecen.

Photo: Facebook/Debrecenben Hallottam

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