Danger warning in the Big Forest

Local News

“The little wild boars have been born, their mother is protecting them,” announces an announcement in the Big Forest in Debrecen.

They say that it is recommended not to deviate from the roads, and also:

keeping dogs on a leash (always, of course) and leaving the forest before dark.

The wild boars’ mating and bucking season fall between October and January, and the farrowing period lasts from the second half of January to May. Gestation is 16-21 weeks, the litter consists of 4-10 piglets. Young animals, such as domestic boars, which are only sparsely furred, have a rather high heat requirement. They suckle for 3 months, and from then on they can also eat solid food. They are self-sufficient by the age of six months. About 9 months later, their coloring is similar to that of adult animals, they are called fry.

A man accidentally met a herd of wild boars in Debrecen

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