CONFINDUSTRIA UNGHERIA: A new perspective of pan-European industrial development – conference in Debrecen

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On the occasion of the Day of the Italian Republic, Confindustria Ungheria is organizing a conference entitled “A new perspective of pan-European industrial development” in Debrecen on June 2, 2023, which aims to promote industrial relations between Italy and Hungary.

The meeting will be attended by Italian and Hungarian authorities, representatives of Confindustria and national and local institutions. The event sponsored by the city of Debrecen is supported by Unicredit Hungary and Confindustria Ungheria members: Sofidel, Tecnica and Mital Group.

The program of the day:

The conference will be opened by Dr. Roberto Massucco, president of Confindustria Ungheria and Dr. Roberto Menia, senator of the Italian Republic. The event will be graced by the presence of Vice CEO Dr. Rita Szép-Tüske, State Secretary responsible for energy supply and security policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen. On the Italian side, Maria Tripodi, the Undersecretary of State responsible for energy supply and security policy of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will greet those present in a video message.

The opening speeches will be followed by Dr. Massimo Belligotti, Economic and Commercial Attaché of the Italian Embassy, followed by Dr. Maria Luisa Meroni, President of Confindustria Eastern Europe.

After the introductory and institutional greetings, MGYOSZ board member dr. Miklós Horváth and Robert Heffner, representatives of HIPA (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency), give a presentation on investments in Hungary. After that, Zoltán Pécskay, the executive director of the EDC Debrecen City and Economic Development Center, speaks about the economic development and growth of Debrecen. The last topic of the day will be financial support for companies’ internationalization strategies. Alessandro Paoli, head of the UniCredit International Center in Italy, and Andrea d’Alessandro, head of the International Center of UniCredit Bank Hungary, talk about this.

The meeting will be closed by Raffaele Langella, Confindustria’s Director of International Affairs, with a presentation on the project entitled “New Perspectives of Pan-European Industrial Development”.

Confindustria Ungheria:

Confindustria Ungheria was born in 2021 with the aim of supporting the high-level and prominent presence of Italian businesses in Hungary, both in the public and private sectors. Dozens of the best-known Italian companies operating in the region have already joined the initiative, and many others have indicated their intention to join by summer.

Confindustria Ungheria wants to create an innovative, international, ethical and sustainable business system based on the presence of private organizations, the direct participation of companies and the creation of opportunities for businesses.

“I firmly believe that for the sake of personal and professional development, we need to work together to achieve results that would not be possible with individual work alone”. – Dr. Roberto Massucco, president of Confindustria Hungary

Confindustria East Europe:

Confindustria Hungary is proud to be a member of the Eastern Europe network of Confindustria, together with the representatives of 11 countries in the region.

“We are working determinedly to get more and more emphasis and to be recognized more and more at the European and international level”. – Maria Luisa Meroni, president of Confindustria Est Europa

Confindustria itself is the central organization representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy. More than 150,000 small, medium and large companies have voluntarily joined Confindustria, employing a total of more than 5 million workers and accounting for about a third of Italy’s GDP (gross domestic product). The organization’s mission is to promote the strengthening of enterprises that are the key to the country’s economic, social and urban growth.

In order to fulfill its mission, Confindustria designates common paths and – while respecting autonomy and spheres of influence – defines common goals and initiatives for the economic and financial world, national, European and international institutions, public administration, social partners, on culture and research, science and technology, politics, information and civil society.


(Confindustria Ungheria)

Main picture: Mária Luisa Meroni

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