Good news from the Hortobágy National Park: the number of beautiful birds keeps increasing

Local News

The Directorate of the Hortobágy National Park reported a real success story: year after year, the number of barn swallows and terns between Abádszalók and Tiszafüred using the artificially created shore walls as breeding grounds sets records.

Habitat improvements to support the breeding of the two protected bird species began 5 years ago at 6 locations. According to the report of the national park, with the creation of nesting sites and continuous protection, the population of ‘merops apiaster’ in the region has increased tenfold in five years.

The increase in the population of barn swallows here is a special sensation, which by June of this year is slowly approaching the number of individuals it had decades ago.

The number of barn swallows with a nominal value of HUF 50,000 has increased to 5,400 breeding pairs in the region, and the number of highly protected barn swallows with a nominal value of HUF 100,000 can be increased to 2,200 breeding pairs.

(Debreceni Nap)

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