The dental office and swimming pool of the Vénkert Primary School in Debrecen have been renovated

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Debrecen deputy mayor Lajos Barcsa, director of the Debrecen Primary Care and Health Development Institute (Daefi) Csaba Papp, and Andor Tarsoly, head of the Vénkert Elementary School and Elementary Art School, held a press conference.

Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa spoke about the improvements that have now been implemented at the Vénkert primary school, which serve the everyday health of children. The institution’s infrastructure has been undergoing continuous renewal since 2015. At that time, the building underwent a comprehensive energetic renovation, and after that, in cooperation with the school district, interior renovations took place in 2019 and again in 2021-22.

By now, the pool foil in the swimming pool has been completely renewed, mechanical maintenance work has also been carried out, and painting has been carried out for a total of HUF 8 million. All of this ensures that around a thousand children can learn to swim in the swimming pool as part of physical education classes. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports, and thus the swimming pool serves children’s health in a preventive way.

Lajos Barcsa also said that in cooperation with the Institute of Primary Care and Health Development in Debrecen and the University of Debrecen, the dentist’s office in the school was renovated, as part of which a new dental treatment unit was also installed. This clinic is intended to provide dental care for a total of 2,300 children, so not only the students of the Vénkert elementary school, but also of other schools.

Lajos Barcsa emphasized that certain specialist tasks, such as orthodontics, are also performed in this dental office. Csaba Papp, director of the Debrecen Primary Care and Health Development Institute (Daefi), emphasized the importance of bringing dental care closer to children with this and similar clinics operating in other schools. Following the surveys, parents receive a report on the condition of their children’s teeth twice a year, and if any intervention is necessary, the problem can be solved by making an appointment at the school’s dental office, free of charge, within the framework of school health.

Andor Tarsoly, head of the Vénkert Elementary School and Elementary School of Art, sees the importance of the renovated swimming pool in that children can learn to swim safely, and this can reduce the number of water accidents. Thanks to the renovation of the dentist’s clinic, there is an even better opportunity for children to participate in dental screenings and, if necessary, receive the necessary dental care locally, at the school, the Debrecen municipality informed.

(Debreceni Nap)

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