A dachshund was rescued by the tax inspectors in Hajdú-Bihar county

Local News

A barely two-month-old puppy was saved from certain death in Hajdú-Bihar county. The dog could have been left to its fate several kilometers from the inhabited area in a roadside ditch before the officers found the animal.

On September 18, the patrols of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) in Debrecen found the shy, barely 8-week-old orphan in a busy suburb. They checked between the settlements of Kismarja and Pocsaj, when they spotted the black dachshund-like puppy in the ditch. The financial officers did not stand idly by, they immediately took the shivering animal and took it to the Animal Protection Association Together for Animals. No chip was found in the animal, for now, they are looking for its original owner.

(National Tax and Customs Administration – NAV)

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