Buses 14 and 14I operate on a diversion route in Debrecen

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Resurfacing works are being carried out on Szabó Lőrinc utca, during which the section between Szabó Lőrinc utca, Balmazújvárosi utca and Babits Mihály utca will be turned one-way in the direction of Vezér utca.

During the works, from 08:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 21, 2023 until closing on Friday, October 06, 2023, buses 14 and 14I running in the direction of the Great Station will be running on a diversion route.

The diversion route of flights 14 and 14I in the direction of Nagyállomás:
Original route – Szabó Lőrinc utca – Akadémia utca – Böszörményi út – Füredi út – Csigekert utca – original route

The buses run in the direction of Nagyállomás, without touching the Szabó Lőrinc utca stop. The flights do not stop at the stops on the diversion route. On working days, the 14 departing from Rugó utca at 06:45 and the 14I departing at 06:50 (temporary auxiliary service during the road renovation works) at 07:00 and 07:45 in the direction of the Great Station they drive on the original route – informed DKV Zrt.

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