Donate blood with the air ambulances in Debrecen

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It is now the 3rd time that it is organizing its community event with the Hungarian Air Rescue Foundation, the Hungarian Air Rescue Nonprofit Kft., and the Hungarian Red Cross with its professional partner, the National Blood Service.

Location: University of Debrecen main building

It is possible to donate blood from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The helicopter is on duty in the area in front of University Square 1.

The aim of the program is to reach as many people as possible not only with the importance of the message of donating blood but also with the possibility since air ambulances can also save lives thanks to this, which is why it is extremely important that an adequate amount of blood products is available at every air ambulance base!

There is a great need for blood donors in all parts of the country, since 1,600-1,800 blood donors need to show up even on weekdays to ensure the country’s adequate blood supply.

As part of the program, we organize a blood donation in the immediate vicinity of all seven air ambulance bases at the same time, and the special feature of the day is that the rescue helicopter will be stationed at the location of the blood donation and will be alerted from there.

Anyone who feels healthy and is over 18 but under 65 can donate blood.

It is important that those going to donate blood:
• consume adequate amounts of food and fluids,
• and bring an identity card, residential address card and TAJ card with them.

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