The János Balásházy gymnasium of the University of Debrecen has been renovated

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The building of János Balásházy Gyakorló Technikum, Gymnázium and Collegium operated by the University of Debrecen has been renovated.

At the Wednesday press conference of those involved in Debrecen, Zoltán Szilvássy, the rector of the university, spoke about how the institution with an expanded profile has become a center for multidisciplinary training.

Zoltán Bács, the chancellor of the university, reminded that UD took over the secondary school from the city in 2009, whose dormitory was renovated inside and out, and now the internal infrastructure development of the secondary school has also taken place.

The chancellor emphasized that they look at the school from a strategic point of view, which is unique in the country with its rich profile.

Director Edit Nagné Bíró said that the interior renovation included providing 25 classrooms with new coverings, replacing the furniture and the electrical network, and upgrading the heating.

Interactive boards, laptops and desktop computers were purchased from the half-a-billion HUF non-refundable grant, and a new water block was also built, he said.

700 full-time students and 100 adult students are taught by 67 teachers at the institution.


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