Halloween Party at the Debrecen Zoo

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The country’s first rural zoo and the only classic theme park will keep its visitors terrified for five days this year with a series of creepy programs, in which exciting visual and program elements will turn the last days of the theme park season into a captivating one between October 27 and 31. In view of last year’s success, nightmarish zoo programs will add color to the long weekend, which will be crowned by the Halloween party held on October 31, between 4:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Zoo Debrecen is preparing for a five-day Halloween season finale this year


9:00-17:00 – Treasure Hunt at the Zoo (maps available at the admission desk)
12:30-13:30 – Join Us in the Spider Lair (Saturday and Sunday only)
All day long:
Grim Maze
Spooky Games of Skill
Ghost Train (28 to 30)
Haunted House (28 to 30)
Ghastly Selfie Point

OCTOBER 31 (16:00-23:00)
16:00 – Gate of Monsters opening at the Amusement Park
16:30-18:30 – Spooky good stilt-walking performance (Amusement Park entrance)
16:00-22:30 – Witch School: face-painting and arts-and-crafts corner (opposite the Funhouse)
18:00-22:30 – Fortuneteller’s Corner (by the Amusement Park entrance)
17:00-22:00 – Dare at the Palm House
17:00-22:00 – Join Us in the Spider Lair
18:00-18:45 – Monstrous Beauty Contest (in front of the Funhouse)
18:45 and 20:30 – Witch Dance (in front of the Funhouse)
19:00 – Dia de Muertos Concert (Stage)
19:00-23:00 – Witch Shoesmithing (in front of the Funhouse)
20:00 – Monsters’ Ball (in front of the Funhouse)
21:00 – Spooky Disco (in front of the Funhouse)
21:30 – Costume Contest Ceremony (in front of the Funhouse)
22:00 – Belly-dancing (in front of the Funhouse)
22:30 – Fiery Finale (in front of the Funhouse)
Animals in Action:
17:00 – Introducing our reticulated giraffes
17:00 – Meet Bors the masked sheep (Valais Blacknose Enclosure)
17:30 – Spooky cute red pandas
18:00 – Leopard on the prowl
18:00 – Pumpkin time for tufted capuchins
18:00 – Feast for Asian lions
18:15 – Introducing our penguins
18:30 – Nibbling time for Amur tigers
18:30 – Hour of bats
19:00 – Masked bandits (Raccoon Enclosure)
20:00 – Spooky scorpions
21:00 – Dinner time for our green tree python
21:30 – Nile crocodile strikes

All evening long:
March of Zombies
Grim Maze
Spooky Games of Skill
Ghost Train
Haunted House
Ghastly Selfie Point

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