This girl represents Hajdú-Bihar County in the World Top Model Hungary 2023 competition

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A girl from Hajdú-Bihar county will compete in the first national final of World Top Model Hungary 2023, which will debut in Hungary this year, whose motto is Respect for Women! – announced the organizers.

Ágnes Kiss has already successfully participated in several beauty contests, and this time she wants to compete as a model among 20 girls in the finals, where the girls will start the program in Noor’s winter collection, then the 2nd tour will be Crystal’s evening dress, Paloma’s swimsuit, and at the end also a they shine on the stage in a wonderful Crystal gown, reads the announcement.

During the evening, the Italian singer Erox Martini, who lives in Hungary, and the finalist of the 2022 Sztárban Sztár, Dan Miller, will perform. The sale of Orsolya Horváth’s violin show and the various formations and spectacular shows of the Souper Troupers will also entertain the guests of the event during the gala dinner and the gala show.

Introduction of the Hajdú-Bihar competitor:

My name is Ágnes Kiss, 24 years old. I have been working as a chemist for 4 years. Previously, I played handball as a certified athlete for 7 years. I speak English at an intermediate level. In my spare time, I travel a lot and take part in photo shoots and film shoots. In January of this year, I won the award for the best stage presence at the Beauty of the Venice Carnival competition, and later on July 29, I had the honor of being the queen of the Miss Olympians’ beach in Balatonlelle. My main goal is to be successful both in my profession and in the beauty industry, and to be able to represent Hungary at a prestigious event.

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