CATL: Educational Collaborations, Nurturing Local Talents and Employee Development are in Focus

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CATL places high priority on recruiting workers from Debrecen and its agglomeration and wants to be a good neighbor of the city. The company believes that educational co-operation and employee development are key to establishing strong, local partnerships and employee engagement. The Hungarian subsidiary agreed to sign a cooperation agreement with the Vocational Training Center of Debrecen and will start a local recruitment campaign in the first half of 2024.

CATL is a global leader in new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. The company is building its second European battery factory in Debrecen’s Southern Industrial Park, thus becoming one of the largest employers in the region. CATL has committed itself to the city for the long term and aims to be a good neighbor of the citizens in Debrecen by playing an active and positive role in the life of the city in the future.

The investment in Debrecen’s Southern Industrial Park progresses according to schedule, production will begin in 2025”

– reported Jason Chen, CATL’s general manager of operations Europe at the press event held in Debrecen, on the 30th. November.

The construction has reached a visible stage, the ground leveling and piling works have been finished and currently, the superstructure of the factory is being raised. The installation of our state-of-the-art industry 4.0 technology will start within 2024 and parallelly the gradual recruitment of new employees will begin.

In the first half of 2024, CATL plans to recruit around 200 blue-collar workers, who will primarily work in maintenance, production, quality assurance and logistics. The number of employees will continue to gradually increase until the end of the year. Just before production starts the company will primarily need skilled workers: engineers, technicians and machine operators. Due to the advanced technology and continuous innovation CATL plans to train its employees on a regular basis.

“Everywhere we establish a factory we focus on becoming a good employer and a good neighbor”

– emphasized Jason Chen.

Innovation is behind the huge success of the company, thanks to which they have developed the extreme manufacturing system with the goal of zero defects. More than 18.000 people worldwide work in CATL’s 5 R&D Centers, which demonstrates CATL’s leadership in material research, product development and manufacturing innovation, which all have an impact on productivity, workforce engagement, sustainability, and supply chain resilience.

CATL plans to nurture its employees’ careers and is seeking future local talents in Debrecen Hungary at all educational levels. The company has established relationships with several educational institutions in Debrecen to evaluate the possibilities in talent development, such as vocational schools and the University of Debrecen in order to support the education of local talents. Vocational education is of key importance for CATL, therefore a Strategic Cooperation between the Vocational Training Center of Debrecen and CATL has been agreed and will be signed soon. Thanks to this co-operation, the students can become acquainted with cutting-edge technologies, get familiar with the teamwork at an international company and meet professional challenges, whereas CATL gets committed and motivated, young local workforce.

“Thanks to CATL’s strategic approach, and global belief in local talent development, younger generations in Debrecen and in the county will be able to enter new and inspiring career opportunities in the automotive industry and will enjoy the benefits of the ongoing industrialization process of the region”

– said Balázs Szilágyi, Public Affairs Manager at CATL.

CATL actively supports the objectives set by the international community in achieving carbon-neutrality. The company set the goal to achieve carbon neutrality in their core operations by 2025 and across the battery value chain by 2035. Playing a key role in the successful energy transition and the elimination of fossil-based energy sources for energy production and transport worldwide, CATL is also committed to supporting local initiatives that promote environmental awareness and the conservation of natural resources at a local level.


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