An alarming number of fire incidents were reported from Hajdú-Bihar county over the weekend

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Carbon monoxide, smoke and accidents provided work for the firefighters in the last days of the last week, according to the information from the disaster management.

A car crashed into a tree on highway 47 near Debrecen

A room in a house on Gyepszél Street in Hajdúdorog was on fire on Friday morning. The professional firefighters in Hajdúnán were alerted, and they extinguished the flames with two jets of water. No one was injured in the fire.

Two cars collided in Debrecen, on Acsádi út on Saturday. Professional firefighters from Debrecen inspected and de-energized the vehicles. The ambulance service transported one person to the hospital.

A branch of a six-meter tree broke off in Hajdúszoboszló, on Szilfákalja Street. The professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló intervened with manual power and motorized chainsaws.

The roof structure of a building burned on Saturday morning in Balkány, on the Újhelyi farm. The professional firefighters from Nyíradony and the municipal firefighters from Szakoly examined the building with a thermal camera and extinguished the flames with two jets of water. The chimney was tilted, so the firefighters demolished it.

The engine compartment of a car was on fire in Hajdúsámson, on Irinyi Street. Professional firefighters from Debrecen extinguished the fire with a water jet.

On Saturday evening, the furnishings in one of the rooms of a family house burned in Püspökladány, József Attila Street. The city’s professional fire extinguishers extinguished the flames with two jets of water.

A family of four from Hajdúszoboszló called the emergency service at dawn on Sunday. They complained about a problem. The city’s professional firefighters marched to Mathiasz János Street together with the ambulance service. An open-hearth boiler worked in the house. The firefighters carried out measurements that showed the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. The ambulance service took the family to the hospital.

On Sunday afternoon, firewood and tools burned in a boiler house integrated with a single-family house on Tóth Árpád Street in Ebes. Professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló and Debrecen extinguished the flames with a water jet. The units checked the attic with a thermal camera, the fire did not spread to the roof structure.

Smoke flowed back from the fireplace in the living room of a family home in Báránd, József Attila Street. The professional firemen of Píspökladány removed the combustible materials from the fireplace, the chimney was blocked, so it should not be used by the residents until it is inspected.

Waste was burning in a garbage container on Derék Street in Debrecen. Professional firefighters from Debrecen extinguished the fire with a water jet and inspected and ventilated the stairwell.

A car slid into a ditch and overturned near Hajdúszovát on Sunday afternoon. The professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló inspected the car and set it on its wheels with the help of a power machine.

A car caught fire in Debrecen

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