Sándor Csányi: we feel what a tragedy it is when everything is not right with a child

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Sándor Csányi and his Debrecen-born wife, Réka Tenki, brought a Christmas donation to Debrecen. The actor couple is known as a regular donor, in this regard we asked the artist who became nationally known with the film Kontroll.

You chose this foundation because of your wife Réka Tenki’s ties to Debrecen. If not, who would have received the donation?

Some foundations related to children. When a person has a child, he feels on his skin that the most important thing is that everything is fine with him. Our life was fortunate, but we feel what a tragedy it is if everything is not right with the child. If there’s a place where money is badly needed, it’s a place that deals with children.

What other considerations guide you when donating?

If possible, we prefer to support families and people living in extreme poverty. I am not the decision-maker, there is a foundation behind us, where they keep in mind that those who do not have a daily meal or heating will receive a donation. They are helped with firewood, clothes, and durable food. Many other groups – homeless people, animal shelters, etc. – can also be supported, I think that everyone’s own life determines which direction they go.

What do you recommend to people who want to donate?

Help cannot be forced, it must be rooted from within. If even HUF 30-40,000 per month is not a problem, then go for it. Making the Christmas of a needy child happy, and increasing his chances of recovery, is a much greater joy than buying many plastic toys for our own. I also find that people who are in a more difficult financial situation are more willing to donate than those who live in complete financial security.

Do they empathize more with those in need?

Yes, and – I don’t want to stereotype, but – there is the businessman who is caught by the machine belt and only looks at “producing and for myself”. Christmas is a good time to notice that there are also people whose lives have been less fortunate. Of course, if you can afford it, you should donate at any time, but it seems that people are more sensitive before Christmas.

Does the current situation of the actors allow them to help those in need?

On average, theater actors earn HUF 250,000-300,000 (approx. 673.10-807.73EUR) per month, which – if we only look at the prices of subletting and the costs of raising children – is not the amount from which we can say that you can live well. Of course, we cannot be lumped together, the situation of a beginner actor is completely different from that of a seasoned actor, especially if he also appears in a film or series. Fortunately, my career has developed in such a way that I can give back a little of the financial security that I created around me.

What do you recommend to a beginner actor?

Look around the world, walk with open eyes, and notice those who need help.

– Sándor N. Nagy –

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