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The weather will be changeable during the week, rain, sleet, and snow can be expected in many places and several times, and the wind will often be strong, and in some places, it can even become stormy. In the first half of the week, maximums above 10 degrees Celsius may occur again, and from Friday the degree of daytime warming will decrease again – according to the national medium-term forecast of HungaroMet Zrt.

On Monday, the extent of the fog and clouds will slowly decrease in the northeast, and in other places, veil clouds will interfere and filter the sunshine more and more. The sky may turn over in the northwestern and northern parts by late afternoon. Precipitation is not expected until late evening, but then sleet and rain may already occur in the northwest. The southerly wind is brisk and may be accompanied by strong gusts in places in Northern Transdanubia. The highest daytime temperature is mostly expected to be between 2 and 7 degrees, but it can be cooler in the cloudier, more humid northeastern areas.

The sky will be very cloudy or overcast by dawn on Tuesday. The cloud front moves eastward during the day, leaves the country in the afternoon and is usually clear or slightly cloudy, sunny weather can be expected behind it. At night and in the morning, rain, sleet, and sleet are expected in many places, especially in the northeast and east, and snow will also occur, and then the precipitation zone will leave the Tiszántúl in the afternoon, and behind it, there may only be a running shower or snow shower. The southwest, west and then northwest winds are lively in many places, accompanied by strong gusts in some places. The minimum temperature is expected to be between minus 4 and 1 degrees, it can be colder in frosty corners. The maximum is mostly between 6 and 11, in the northeast it is likely between 0 and 5 degrees.

On Wednesday, mostly cloudy or overcast weather can be expected, only in the southwest there may be longer sunny periods. From late afternoon, the cloudiness may decrease more decisively from the north, but overall, rain is expected in several places, in the northeast and east, sleet, snow, and sleet may also occur in some places. The southwest and then northwest winds will strengthen in places. By dawn, the temperature will drop between minus 8 and 1 degrees, by early afternoon between 5 and 12 degrees, and in the east and northeast, the temperature will rise between 0 and 4 degrees.

On Thursday, the sky will be mostly weakly or moderately cloudy, and there may be rain and showers in some places, especially in the northeastern part of the country, the condition may be mixed. The northwest wind is getting stronger, becoming stormy in many places. Generally, 1-6 degrees can be expected in the morning, but it can be colder in areas sheltered by wind. 4-12 degrees is likely in the early afternoon, it will be colder in the northeast.

On Friday, more and more clouds may arrive over the country from the west. Significant precipitation is not likely during most of the day, but rain, sleet, and snow may occur in several places in the evening and at night. The northwesterly and westerly winds are accompanied by brisk, sometimes strong gusts. In the morning, the temperature is usually between minus 4 and 2 degrees, but it can be colder in areas protected from the wind. 1-9 degrees is expected in the early afternoon, the weather will be colder in the northeast.

On Saturday, the frontal cloud will leave the country, behind which it is generally likely to be weakly cloudy. At first, mixed precipitation may occur sporadically, then it will stop everywhere. It will strengthen in many places, and the north-west wind may become stormy in some places. The temperature will rise from minus 7 to plus 2 degrees in the morning to between 3 and 9 degrees, it will be colder in the northeast and milder in the southwest.

Mostly cloudy weather is expected on Sunday, and then the cloudiness may increase again, but significant precipitation is unlikely. For the most part, the south and southeast wind will remain moderate. The temperature will be between minus 9 and 0 degrees in the morning, and between 3 and 9 degrees in the early afternoon.


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