Industry Day in Debrecen: A Conference Organized in the Spirit of Sustainability

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The Day of Industry in Debrecen – a conference and a trade exhibition under this title were organized by the Technical Faculty of the University of Debrecen with the local government, with the cooperation of the specialist committee of the local academic committee.

Sustainability was given a prominent role at the event, which Mayor László Papp emphasized: sustainability is a key aspect in the well-thought-out development of the Debrecen economy and the entire city. The intensive economic development of the past period and the comprehensive urban development based on it are both taking place in Debrecen along a well-thought-out strategy and in the spirit of sustainability – László Papp spoke about this at the Industry Day conference.

The mayor said that the development of economic zones is also accompanied by green developments, from solar parks to gray water technology to green corridors around the city, and the industrial utilization of geothermal energy is also planned. All this together makes the development of Debrecen sustainable.

“In the past year, industrial development in Debrecen has been surrounded by serious debates, and obviously a balance must be found in this regard as well. The economy should develop in such a way that we can meet the sustainability parameters,”

– emphasized László Papp.

Regarding the increasingly important vehicle industry in Debrecen, Géza Husi, dean of the Technical Faculty of the University of Debrecen, said: investments related to the sector and supporting the faculty’s training are doing well. The 3,000-square-meter expansion of the technical faculty building complex can be completed by May, and a vehicle industry research center is expected to be created in the university’s industrial park this year.

“You have to imagine that it has four training rooms, in one of which we teach the students using virtual reality, and it has four workshops that I think any company dealing with the automotive industry would be envious of,”

– said Géza Husi.



In his presentation, Tamás Mankovits, the head of the mechanical engineering department of the technical faculty, gave an overview of the training courses that are also held in cooperation with companies, which serve to ensure the supply of specialists in various industrial sectors.

“Of course, our most important task is to ensure the supply of mechanical engineers not only for the vehicle industry, but also for the machine industry, the agricultural industry, the medical industry and the food industry,”

– listed Tamás Mankovits.

A trade exhibition in the Hall event space in the stadium also completed the program of the Day of Industry. More than 30 companies presented their job opportunities and industrial innovations to interested young people.

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