The first plane from Debrecen to Istanbul took off

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Walk along the shores of the Bosphorus, shopping in the Grand Bazaar. All of this can now be reached by plane from Debrecen. The first direct flight to Istanbul took off on Sunday. From now on, Wizz Air flies twice a week from the city of Debrecen to the largest city in Turkey.

Some with smaller, and some with larger suitcases waited patiently for check-in at the Debrecen airport to board the first flight to Istanbul. For some, this day was not only special because of the trip.

Today is my 25th birthday, so it was quite a given that we would like to take this flight now

– said Sára Szabó, one of the passengers.

Not only did people from Debrecen fly to Istanbul on the first flight, but many passengers also arrived from other settlements in the wider region, for example from Nagyvárad.

– I was very happy when I saw that I didn’t have to go to Cluj-Napoca or Timișoara. It’s a very beautiful city with many attractions and this is the first flight, I thought let’s use it as long as possible – said Éva Gerdán.

The direct scheduled Wizz Air flight to Turkey’s largest city is another milestone in the life of the airport.

The Istanbul flight is a completely new destination that was not previously on our offer. This city was also one of the top 3 most desirable destinations for flights to Rome. The day has come when we can greet the passengers of the first Istanbul flight

– said Tamás Király, managing director of Debrecen International Airport Kft.

They did this with nothing more than a three-tiered cake and baklava. From now on, a plane departs from Debrecen to Istanbul twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. Debrecen is an important base for Wizz Air. Currently, the airline offers 11 destinations from Cívisváros.

For years, the traveling public in Debrecen and the traveling public in the region have longed for a direct flight from Debrecen to Istanbul. I think we can be very happy that we managed to fulfill their dream

– said Zsuzsa Trubek, senior marketing manager of Wizz Air.

The air connection between Istanbul and Debrecen, located on the border of Europe and Asia, is beneficial for the city from both a touristic and economic point of view.

Connection and connectivity are very important today in economic life and tourism. In today’s crisis-filled world, the world around us is changing so quickly that we have to react to it in order to make Debrecen’s economy and tourism crisis-proof. That is why the Debrecen International Airport must serve as many destinations as possible

– stressed Deputy Mayor Diána Széles.

After the almost 170 passengers had taken their seats, the first plane to Istanbul left Debrecen at noon on Sunday.


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