The average gross salary in January was HUF 528,000

In January 2023, the gross average salary of those employed full-time was HUF 528,000 (approx 1407.93 euro), and the net average salary calculated with allowances in mind was HUF 363,900 (approx 970.35 euró). The gross average earnings were 16.1 percent and the net average earnings 16.0 percent higher than a year earlier, the Central Statistical […]

Temperatures will drop significantly at the beginning of the week, overnight frosts will return and strong winds are expected

The temperature will drop significantly at the beginning of the week: on Tuesday, the maximum temperature is likely to be only between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius, and the hard night frosts will also return, in places sheltered from the wind, the temperature may drop to minus 10 degrees. Strong winds will increase to gale […]

Wizz Air expects more than 4.8 million Hungarian passengers this year

According to predictions, the number of passengers of Wizz Air in Hungary will rise from more than 3.7 million last year to over 4.8 million this year; the airline continues to strengthen its position in the Hungarian market by launching new flights, increasing the number of existing ones, and putting another aircraft into service at […]