Novák: ‘Hungarians are one of the most pro-family nations’


“Hungarians are one of the most pro-family nations”, Katalin Novak, minister without portfolio in charge of family affairs, told an online conference on Tuesday. Novák added, however, that “the majority of Europeans also consider the family as an important asset”.
Referring to a survey by Hungary’s Kopp Mária Institute and the Századvég Foundation, Novák said that respondents in each European country said they preferred family support measures rather than mass migration in terms of resolving demographic issues.
The Hungarian government takes those demands into consideration and is working to ensure that “people find having a family and raising children a good thing”, she insisted. The government’s policies have for the past decade focused on the family, she said, and argued that the government had provided constitutional protection to the family and passed legislation to support pro-family measures. The government has also changed taxation to help families and provides assistance to home-buyers, she added.



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