Defence Minister: Army Development Must Continue to Guarantee Security


Hungary’s army development programme must continue in order to guarantee the security of the country and the people, notwithstanding the army resources required to combat the coronavirus crisis, Defence Minister Tibor Benkő said.

The army contributes to protective efforts against the coronavirus epidemic, with nearly 1,400 soldiers assisting in the operation of 29 hospitals and 93 other health institutions, he told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió. Soldiers carry out disinfection tasks and also help the police protect the border, he added. The pressure of migration is increasing on the southern borders, with an increasing number of migrants trying to enter Hungary illegally, he added. When Hungary joined NATO, it made a commitment to participate in international cooperation frameworks, Benkő said. As part of this, soldiers get trained on international know-how and methodology, he said.
In recent years, nearly 1,000 officers participated in various international training schemes and educational programmes to meet the requirements of their positions, he said.



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