Justice Minister: Hungary Economic Model Based on Respect for Work


The economic model Hungary has built is based on respect for work and serves as the guideline for the government’s support of the European Union’s goals, the justice minister said.


Speaking ahead of a two-day EU summit focusing on social affairs and the pandemic, Judit Varga said in a Facebook video that the Hungarian government believed everyone must be given a chance to work and have the right to keep what they earn. “Jobs are the key to everything,” Varga said, adding that the position the government would be representing at the summit was backed up by more than 10 years’ experience. During its time in power, the government has helped push employment to record highs, introduced a flat-rate personal income tax, doubled the minimum wage and reformed the tax system so that it benefits families and encourages couples to have children. Even the EU now recognises Hungary’s achievements, she added.




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